FBS Gold ADD engl

Advantages of the FBS Gold ADD:

  • Additives promote the vitality of the cells
  • Highest quality
  • Constant cell growth batch by batch


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The chromatographed serum FBS Gold Plus was further developed to FBS Gold ADD.

The Bio&SELL Fetal calf sera are all purified by chromatography in a complex process. This provides several clear advantages. The content of undesirable ingredients, e.g. Lipopolysaccharides, is reduced by the chromatographic treatment.

The concentrations of important components, e.g. Growth hormones, attachment and proliferation factors are positively influenced by controlled removal and addition.


FBS Gold ADD goes one step further

By the addition of special additives according to proprietary formula the new FBS Gold Add promotes in the cell culture:

  • the proliferation
  • the stability
  • the vitality of your cells
  • the increase in transfection efficiency


Prices of FBS Gold ADD

Article No.QuantityPrice in EURO
FBS.ADD.0100 100 ml 44.90 €
FBS.ADD.0500 500 ml 99.90 €