FBS Gold Plus engl

Chromatographed, defined FBS cell culture serum:

  • No synthetic additives
  • High purity
  • Constant quality


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Bio&SELL FBS Gold Plus is a chromatographed, defined FBS cell culture serum of the highest quality and batch consistency. It is neither a synthetic product nor does it contain additives from other sera. The FBS Gold Plus Serum is purified by a chromatographic method from unwanted ingredients (such as LPS). Other important components such as growth hormones, attachment and proliferation factors are first isolated from the serum and then re-added in a defined amount.


High Quality

With the Bio&SELL FBS Gold Plus, "lot-to-lot" variations are a thing of the past. For your cell culture you will receive an elaborately purified, defined special serum of the highest quality and with constant growth characteristics. The Bio&SELL FBS Gold Plus is suitable for the cultivation of many different cell types.


Prices of FBS Gold PLUS

Article No.QuantityPrice in EURO
FCS.GP.0100 100 ml 44.90 €
FCS.GP.0500 500 ml 94.90 €


Characteristics of Bio&SELL FBS Gold Plus

  • Highest quality - strict quality controls

  • Defined composition - maximum reproducibility through constant growth characteristics

  • Low endotoxin content

  • Tested for many different cell types - often even improved growth compared to conventional cell cultures

  • Highest security - no contamination with viruses and mycoplasma