FBS-E Stem cell serum (embryonic)

The stem cell serum FBS-E from Bio&SELL is a specially developed and processed serum for embryonic stem cells.

This serum leads to the following improvements in your cell culture:

  • High reproducibility due to constant growth characteristics
  • Higher and clearer clone formation
  • Larger volumes of undifferentiated clones


ProductOrder NoQuantity
FBS-E Stem cell Serum FBS.SZE.0100 100 ml
FBS-E Stem cell Serum FBS.SZE.0500 500 ml


FBS-M stem cell serum (mesenchymal)

The FBS-M stem cell serum is a specially developed serum for human mesenchymal stem cells that has been tested for optimal growth conditions.

  • Specially tested for mesenchymal stem cell compatibility
  • Origin South America
  • Sterile filtered 0.2 μm


ProductOrder NoQuantity
FBS-M Stem cell Serum FBS.SZM.0100 100 ml
FBS-M Stem cell Serum FBS.SZM.0500 500 ml