FBS Low Endotoxin engl

Advantages of the FBS Low Endotoxin:

  • Constant quality
  • High transfection rates
  • No interfering endotoxins


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Bio&SELL "FBS Low Endotoxin" is an FBS cell culture serum that after a critical selection and additional treatment (lower pg / ml range) contains almost no or even no endotoxins (LPS = lipopolysaccharides) of bacterial origin.

Endotoxins often have a negative effect on transfections and considerably reduce transfection efficiency. In addition, the reproducibility of the experiments is limited by different endotoxin levels.

With the Bio&SELL "FBS Low Endotoxin", you reduce the "lot-to-lot" variations and improve your transfection efficiency significantly.


Article No.QuantityPrice in EURO
FBS.LE.0100 100 ml 144,- €
FBS.LE.0500 500 ml 194,- €


Characteristics of Bio&SELL FCS Low Endotoxin

  • Endotoxin content <0.1ng / ml = 1EU / mg)

  • Maximum reproducibility

  • Stable high transfection rates