Serum and protein free medium for insect cells with l-glutamine and 0.35 g/l NaHCO3.

  • No supplementation
  • Ready to use
  • It`s worth changing


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ProductOrder No.QuantityPrice in EURO

SPF 5 insect cell medium

BS 1.01G02J 100 ml 14.40

SPF 5 insect cell medium

BS 1.05G02J 500 ml 49.90

SPF 5 insect cell medium

BS 1.10G02J 1000 ml 79.90


Advantages of SPF5 insect cell medium:

  • Protein free– The purification of the secreted recombinant proteins is considerably simplified

  • Serum free– No time-consuming serum tests

  • Ready-to-Use  - No supplementation