The fetal bovine serum is heated for 30 min. to 56° C in a water bath, whereby it is shaken several times. This treatment minimizes lot-to-lot variations in serum, because all thermolabile components are destroyed. Therefore, the results obtained in a serum-dependent cell culture system are more reproducible. Furthermore, the viral safety is enhanced, since heat-labile viruses are inactivated.

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FCS SAF HI 500 500ml 89,90 €
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FCS SAM HI 500 500ml 89,90 €
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Heat activated serum is recommended for:

  • Measurements of lactate dehydrogenase in the culture supernatant as a marker for cell damage (serum LDH is destroyed by heat inactivation).
  • Studies of vitamins and growth factors (are damaged wholly or partially, or have their concentrations reduced, by heat inactivation).
  • Tests that do not tolerate presence of complement (complement destruction).