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    1.120 €
  • Quarter 1
    Neuer Termin!
    17.02. - 20.02.2020

Content & Learning Objective

This course will provide basic knowledge and build upon your existing expertise, so that your daily cell culture work becomes safer and more efficient. Beginners to cell culture often get by with only a basic and limited knowledge acquired from copying a colleague. High standards required for reproducibility and accuracy are frequently missing. During this course, you will have sufficient time to acquire practical experience and in addition, we will introduce you to practical standards, documentation and cell banking.

The theoretical part includes:

  • Aseptic techniques and contaminations
  • Routine methods in cell culture
  • Ingredients of culture media
  • Cell lines and primary cells
  • Cell counting and viability testing
  • Cell banking

The practical part includes:   

  • Sterile working techniques
  • Trypsinization, freezing, and thawing of cells
  • Medium exchange for adherent and suspension cells
  • Isolation of primary human endothelial cells

Target Group

Technical and scientific staff members with no previous cell culture experience or little cell culture experience.


 Dr. Nicole Kühl studied Biology at the Technical University of Karlsruhe and the University of Bremen. In 1999 she completed her PhD in cell and molecular biology studying the cell cycle and heat shock proteins. Dr. Kühl then began her post-doctorate work at the Academic Hospital Groningen in the Netherlands, where she specialized in research related to Multiple Sclerosis and worked with primary glial cells. In 2005, she continued her work at the Jacobs University Bremen, where she led a research group and lectured in biochemistry and cell biology. From 2008 to 2011, Dr. Kühl was head of the PromoCell Academy and taught cell culture courses. Since 2012, she is a freelance trainer and consultant in the area of cell culture quality control (www.incelligence.de).