m universal agarose2

Standard agarose, ideal for analytical and preparative separation of nucleic acids in the range of 50bp to 50,000.

All typical geleletrophorese work in relation to Agarose can be performed.

Each Bio&SELL agarose batch is guaranteed free of RNAsen, DNAsen and enzyme inhibitors.


ProductArticle No. Quantity
Universal Agarose BS.20.46.100 1 x 100g
BS.20.46.100 3 x 100g
BS.20.46.500 1 x 500g
BS.20.46.500 3 x 500g
BS.20.46.500 5 x 500g
BS.20.46.500 10 x 500g


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Like all Bio&SELL agaroses, every batch of Bio&SELL Universal Agarose must pass strict quality controls which test gel strength, gelling temperature, Electroendosmosis levels, sulphate content and water content. Each batch of Bio & SELL Standard Agarose is free of RNAses, DNases and enzyme inhibitors.

Guaranteed properties of standard agarose:

  • Gel strength (1.0%):> 1.200 g / cm ²
  • Gelling temperature (1.5%): 34 - 38 ° C
  • Electroendosmosis (-mr): <0.12
  • Sulphate content: <0.14%
  • Water content: <8.5%
  • DNA binding: not detectable
  • DNase and RNase activity: not detectable

The specific values of each batch are certified in the attached sheet.

Preparation of a standard agarose gel:
For 100 ml of a 1% agarose gel, 1 g of agarose is prepared in 100 ml of electrophoresis buffer. After dissolving the agarose by heating and a cooling phase, you can pour the gel.