vWF agarose engl


Special-agarose for multimer analysis

  • The name comes from the vWBp "von Willebrand protein“
  • Gelling temperature of about 40 °C
  • Very low sulphate content of less than 0.2% to 0.3%
  • Ideal for the multimer analysis.

Typical applications include studies of:

  • Multimers of Willebrand's factor separation
  • Factor VIII multimer separation
  • Counter immunoelectrophoresis (CIEP, Crossed-IEP)


  • Preparation with standard Laemmli buffer
  • No handling of toxic substances such as: toxic monomer solution
  • Very high yields in sample recovery
ProductArticle No.QuantityPrice in EURO
vWF Agarose BS.20.50.005 1 x 5g 39.90 €
BS.20.50.025 1 x 25g 184.90 €
BS.20.50.100 1 x 100g 690.00 €
BS.20.50.0AA > 500g on demand


Like all Bio&SELL agaroses each batch of Bio&SELL vWF agarose undergoes a strict quality control on all relevant parameters such as gel strength, gelation temperature, electroendosmosis values, sulfate content and water content. Each Bio&SELL standard agarose batch is free of RNases, DNases and enzyme inhibitors.
The specific values of each batch are certified in the attached data sheet.

Preparation of a standard agarose gel:
For 100 ml of a 1% agarose gel, 1 g of agarose is prepared in 100 ml of electrophoresis buffer. After dissolving the agarose by heating and a cooling phase, you can pour the gel.