DNA marker and ladders for agarose gels

The Bio&SELL DNA markers - sharp in every size range!

The Bio&SELL DNA markers and DNA ladders are characterized by sharp bands and excellent resolution in every size range. Some marker bands are especially created for quick orientation, thereby minimizing the challenge of ordering the test fragments according to size.

Choose your Marker:

  • For the size range 50 bp to 700 bp: Bio&SELL 50 bp DNA marker
  • For the size range 100 bp to 1500 bp: Bio&SELL 100 bp  DNA marker
  • For the size range 250 bp to 10 000 bp: Bio&SELL 1 kb DNA marker
  • For the size range 125 bp to 23 130 bp: Bio&SELL λ-HindIII DNA marker


If you need other Markers, please contact us.