lambda marker

Bio&SELL λ-HindIII DNA ladder:
  • 8 bands: 125 bp to 23,130 bp


  • Exact sizing


  • Relative quantification


  • Attention: The cohesive ends of the 23,130 bp and 4,361 bp fragment may cause formation of an extra band (27,491 bp). The fragments may be separated by heating to 65°C (5 min) and a subsequent cooling on ice (3 min).

1 μg Bio&SELL λ-HindIII DNA marker on a 1.0% agarose gel.

Separation at 5 V/cm for 3.5 hours.


The DNA marker is available in 2 variants:

1. Marker “without loading dye”: only the marker is included. For loading your gel you have to add a loading buffer to the marker. Bio&SELL offers two loading buffers with either the dye Orange G or bromophenol blue.

2. Marker „ separate loading dye“: we supply 6-fold concentrated loading buffer along with the DNA markers. Here you can choose between the dye Orange G or bromophenol blue.

For best results, we recommend mixing your test samples as well with the Orange G (or bromophenol blue) loading buffer. The quantity is sufficient for up to 2000 of your samples (250 μg marker). Thus you benefit from the advantages of the Orange G dye and save an additional loading buffer.


ProductArt.No.QuantityPrice in EURO
λ-HindIII DNA marker
without loading dye
BS85.218.0050 1 x 50 µg 29.90 €
BS85.218.0250 1 x 250 µg 99.90 €

 λ-HindIII DNA marker "separate loading dye"

including separate loading buffer (bromophenol blue or Orange G)

BS85.219.0050 1 x 50 µg 39.90 €
BS85.219.0250 1 x 250 µg 119.90 €
λ-HindIII DNA marker "ready-to-load"
prestained marker with bromophenol blue
not available