Clean your sequencing reactions

With the Bio&SELL Dye Removal Kit you are able to clean your sequencing reactions quick and efficient. The protocol is kept extremely simple and requires only 5-10 minutes depending on the incubation period.

m dye

ProductArticle No.ReactionsPrice in EURO
Bio&SELL DYE-Removal Kit 55.200.0010 10 24.00 €
55.200.0050 50 89.90 €
55.200.0250 250 419.90 €


pdfDYE-Removal Kit


Bind, elute, ready

  • add 300 μl Dye Removal- Buffer to the sequencing reaction
  • pipette liquid up and down to mix
  • pipette sample onto the spin column
  • centrifuge 3 min300 µl Dye Removal-Puffer zur Sequenzierreaktion geben

  • add 10 µl ddH20 onto the spin column
  • incubate for 1 min at RT and centrifuge for 1 min

  • Purified DNA in the elution tube