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The dNTP set consists of 4 individual tubes, each containing one nucleotide (dATP, dGTP, dTTP or dCTP). The nucleotides required for a PCR are then added individually. This can be necessary if, for example, you want to set different concentrations or use a single nucleotide with a special labeling.

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dNTP-Set advantages at a glance:

  • For special applications
  • Concentrations can be set individually
  • Highest quality (HPLC purified)


Prices for the dNTP Sets

dNTP-Set 10 mM each dNTP BS91.962.0200 1 x (4x200µl)
BS91.962.1000 1 x (4x1000µl)
dNTP-Set 100 mM each dNTP BS91.961.0200 1 x (4x200µl)
BS91.961.4250 1x (4x1000µl)
BS91.961.5000 5 x (4x1000µl)
dNTP-Set with dUTP 100 mM each dNTP BS91.963.0200 1 x (4x200µl)
BS91.963.1000 1 x (4x1000µl)


Protocols of the dNTP Sets

pdfdNTP-Set 10 mM each dNTP

pdfdNTP-Set 100 mM each dNTP

pdfdNTP-Set with dUTP 100 mM each dNTP