Bio&SELL 5x PCR Master Mix "ready-to-load" is a ready-mixed solution for PCR prepared for subsequent direct applications onto an agarose gel.

Please send me a 100ul sample PCR Master Mix ready to load for free!

ComponentVolumeFinal Concentration
5x PCR-Mastermix
10 µl 1x
Primer 1 x µl 0.4 µM
Primer 2 x µl 0.4 µM
Template-DNA x µl 5-100 ng
Water fill up to 50 µl  

The mix contains all reagents required for PCR, except DNA template, primers and water.

Includes blue and yellow dye for direct loading onto agarose gel.

Bio&SELL 5x PCR-Mastermix is optimized for PCR reactions with subsequent visualization of the products by agarose gel electrophoresis. The blue dye migrates in a 1% agarose gel with the same speed as 3.5 to 4.5 kb DNA fragments, the yellow dye roughly the same as the primer (<35-45 bp). Bio&SELL 5x PCR master mix contains Tween-20. If a detergent-free buffer system is required, please contact us in Germany at 49-9128-724 32 32.

The Bio&SELL 5x PCR master mix is not recommended for use with subsequent spectrophotometric measurement (absorbance or fluorescence measurements), since the two dyes can interfere with these applications.



Article No.QuantityPrice in EURO
BS91.731.0100 100µl 9.90 €
  3 x 100µl 19.90 €
BS91.731.1000 1000µl 59.90 €
  3 x 1000µl 169.90 €
  5 x 1000µl 269.90 €
  10 x 1000µl 484.00 €