The Bio&SELL LYO-PCR 2x Mastermix is an optimized mixture of high quality Taq DNA polymerase and dNTPs. The Mastermixe is freeze dried (lyophilized, LYO) and can be shipped and stored at ambient temperature.
For a quick and specific PCR - ready-to-use!

Advantages at a glance

  • Highly pure Taq DNA polymerase - no unwanted DNA traces
  • Extremely specific  - PCR products without non specific products and primer dimers
  • Top performance - the Taq polymerase effectively directs PCR with templates up to 5 kb in length (Sensitivity: detection of ≥ 10 DNA molecules).
  • Easy handling  - lyophilized ready-to-use Mastermix

LYO-PCR 2x Mastermix is suitable for all regular applications like:

  • PCR with complex genomic or cDNA templates
  • Low copy number targets
  • Multiplex PCR

 The mix is applicable in Standard and Real Time Cyclers for all purposes.


Article No.reactions (rcs)Price in EURO
BS91.761.0100 100 rcs for 25µl/ 125 rcs for 20µl PCR volume 39.90 €
BS91.761.1000 11000 rcs for 25µl/ 1250 rcs for 20µl PCR volume 359.90 €