MPP multiplex PCR mastermix for parallel amplification 


Bio&SELL MPP multiplex PCR mastermix allows the parallel amplification of 4-10 fragments in a single PCR assay. Apply the Bio&SELL MPP multiplex PCR mastermix in the simultaneous amplification of multiple "targets" in a normal (hot start) PCR.

  • The process takes place in a single reaction vessel
  • Ideally suited for frequently different to be examined genes outside the routine screening
  • For genomic DNA, genomic DNA from bacteria and plasmids
  • The mix is at room temperature for 1 month, at 4 ° C up to 3 months and at - 20 °C stable at least 12 months
  • Including pipetting and PCR protocols, annealing temperature calculation depending on GC content and DNA origin
  • Possible up to 15 fragments


Article No.reactionsPrice in EURO
BS91.522.0250 250 reactions x 20µl 154.90 €
BS91.522.1250 1250 reactions x 20µl 629.90 €