PCR reaction directly from plant tissue


Bio&SELL plant direct 2x PCR Mastermix enables a PCR reaction directly from plant tissue or seed lysate without purify the DNA before:

  • Only 5-10 min preparation!
  • Simply convert 1-3μl lysate in the mastermix and start the PCR reaction
  • The process takes place in a single reaction vessel
  • Ideally suited for frequently the same to be examined genes within the routine screening
  • For genomic DNA from plants and seeds of various origins
  • The mix is at room temperature for 1 month, at 4 ° C up to 3 months and at - 20 ° C stable at least 12 months
  • Including: lysis buffer, pipetting and PCR protocols


Article No.reactionsPrice in EURO
BS91.322.0250 250 reactions x 20µl 164.90 €
BS91.322.1250 1250 reactions x 20µl 679.90 €