PCR tubes and plates

Bio&SELL PCR plastics for the reliable reproducibility of your PCR!

Guaranteed endotoxin-free, guaranteed RNase-and DNase-free, with Certificate!

Frame Star ® PCR Plastic - innovative with two components

The innovative Bio&SELL Frame Star ® material is a further development of our traditional, thin-walled and stable tubes, combined with a solid frame material. This results in a high thermal conductivity of the tubes for optimum PCR application, as well as easy handling, high comfort and increased safety of the plates and 8-tube strips. Through the two-component design, frames are available in different colors which provide for better differentiation and help you to avoid making any mistakes.


Standard PCR Plastic

The Bio & SELL PCR plastic in the standard model is the low-cost, high-quality alternative for your PCR experiments with which you are already familiar. Our tubes are made of sturdy but thin-walled material. This guarantees an optimal heat conductivity for your PCR reaction.