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The Bio&SELL Pfu polymerase is a thermostable DNA polymerase. The abbreviation stands for Pfu Pyrococcus furiosus, a thermophilic archaebacterium, from which this polymerase was isolated.

The Bio&SELL Pfu-polymerase has a "read ahead-function" or "proof-reading activity" which allows far fewer errors to occur in PCR products. The Bio&SELL Pfu-polymerase is used in molecular biology mainly for those PCR reactions which must provide exact sequence DNA amplicons.
The accuracy of DNA synthesis is increased by 12 times in comparison with Taq-DNA-polymerase; the error rate is 0.2 x 10-5.

The PCR products generated by Bio&SELL Pfu DNA polymerase have blunt ends and can be used directly in ligation reactions.
The extension rate of Bio&SELL Pfu DNA polymerase is 0.5 kb/ min, therefore a 1 - 2 min extension time/ kb fragment length is recommended.

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