The Scriptum-37 reverse transcriptase is suitable for the synthesis of cDNA molecules from 100 bp to 7 kb in length.

Two buffer solutions are included: the reaction buffer "complete" in which the MgCl2 and DTT are already added, and a reaction buffer ("incomplete") in which these reagents can be added individually to create your optimal synthesis conditions.

The reaction temperature of the reverse transcription is dependent on the structural properties of the RNA. The optimum temperature of the reverse transcriptase -37 is 37 ° C and is thus ideal for routine applications with simple RNA templates.

An elevated temperature (maximum 55°C) should be used for highly structured RNAs. Here we recommend the use of Bio&SELL reverse transcriptase-55 and for very difficult templates Bio&SELL reverse transcriptase 55 "improved".

In general, the optimal temperature and incubation time for each RNA should be adjusted. The easy and understandable protocol in our manual gives you important information and tips.

ProductArticle No.QuantityPrice in EURO
SCRIPTUM-37 Reverse Transcription BS.55.020 2,000 units 29.90 €
BS.55.100 10,000 units 99.90 €
BS.55.500 50,000 units 419.90 €