The Scriptum-55 reverse transcriptase "improved" is an enzyme of the latest generation: highly sensitive and highly processive!

Its increased thermal stability allows an operating temperature of up to 55 °C, making it perfect for difficult RNA templates (for example, RNAs with strong secondary structures) and for the synthesis of very long cDNA molecules (100 bp to 14 kb in length).

An optimized buffer is already included, an adjustment or the addition of reagents is therefore no longer necessary. This saves time and reduces the risk of contamination with RNases significantly.

ProductArticle No.QuantityPrice in EURO
SCRIPTUM-55 (improved) Reverse Transcriptase BS.57.020 2,000 units 49.90 €
BS.57.100 10,000 units 249.90 €
BS.57.500 50,000 units 949.90 €

Why the high operating temperature is so important:

The secondary structures of the RNA and its recovery after heating complicate the cDNA synthesis significantly. Initially, the RNA is heated for 10 minutes at max. 65 °C and thus the RNA linearizes and all loops are opened. During the "chill down" the reverse transcriptase is added to the reaction mix and the reaction starts. The reaction proceeds the better, the higher the operating temperature can be kept here. That is, because at a higher temperature the RNA formes no or less "loops". Because the reverse transcriptase has no "strand displacement", it will fall off the RNA in a "loop" and the sequences located behind the "loop" will be lost for a PCR product. These difficulties with the RNA and the loops in the cDNA synthesis can thus be avoided having a reverse transcriptase working at high temperatures, for example the SCRIPTUM-55 or the SCRIPTUM-55 improved.