The DNase I Column Digestion Kit efficiently removes DNA. This kit is used when contaminating DNA is to be safely eliminated during RNA preparation. The digestion takes place directly on the silica centrifugation column during purification. Subsequent washing steps reliably remove DNase I from the column. The RNA can then be obtained as usual.
The DNase I included in the kit is an endonuclease that breaks down single and double-stranded DNA into mono- and oligo-nucleotides. The RNA remains intact.


  • Supplement to RNA Mini Kit.
  • For all downstream applications (e.g. cDNA banking) where the RNA must be very pure and without DNA contamination.
  • The DNase I column digestion kit is optimized for Bio&SELL RNA kits. However, it also works with kits from other suppliers. Check the respective protocol beforehand.

With only 20 min additional time, DNA is completely removed during RNA isolation. This step is performed after lysis instead of a wash step.

ProductOrder No.Reactions
DNase I column digestion kit BS.68.311.0010 10
BS.68.311.0050 50
BS.68.311.0250 250


Definition of an activity unit (Kunitz):
A Kunitz Unit is the amount of enzyme required to raise absorbance at 260 nm by 0.001 per minute per milliliter at 25 °C and pH 5.0.