RNA Extraction Isolation columns based

Bio&SELL RNA Mini Kit is a method for the efficient isolation of total RNA from different starting materials (tissues, cells, bacteria, plants, etc.) as well as from different amounts of starting materials. The particular advantages of this product are its ease of use, the absence of phenol, and working outside of the hood.

m rna saeulchen isolierung

The kit provides non degraded RNA of high quality.
From most cells and tissues, the "shredding" can be saved. This is exactly why the Bio&SELL RNA Mini Kit is a very inexpensive RNA Column Kit without sacrificing high quality.

ProductArticle No.Reactions
Bio&SELL RNA-Mini Kit 56.200.0010 10
56.200.0050 50
56.200.0250 250
Bio&SELL RNA-Mini Kit 56.200.0010 3x 10
56.200.0050 3x 50
56.200.0250 3x 250