The Bio&SELL RNAse inhibitor inhibits the activity of RNAse A, RNAse B and RNAse C completely. The inhibition is achieved by a noncovalent binding in the ratio 1:1.

Compatible with:

  • SP6, T7, T3 RNA polymerase
  • AMV and M-MLV reverse transcriptase
  • Taq DNA polymerase



ProductArt. No.Units
Bio&SELL RNAse inhibitor  BS.QDS615S  2,000
 BS.QDS615L  10,000
 larger quantities  



The use of the Bio&SELL RNAse inhibitor is recommended for:

  • reverse transcription - cDNA synthesis
  • identification of specific ribonuclease activities
  • in vitro translation and in vitro transcription
  • studies of tumor suppression
  • isolation of mammalian cell fraction containing larger mRNA protein complexes
  • preparation of RNase free antibody



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