New! FBS SUPERIOR stable!

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New batch FBS SUPERIOR stable:

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Corona, COVID-19, SARS-CoV2

Kits for the isolation and quantification of viral RNA / DNA:

Among others for the determination of viral loads (e.g. coronavirus):

Virus RNA isolation kit
Column extraction
From a wide variety of starting materials
Can be used directly in RT-QPCR

UNG Virus RNA Detection Kit
(One Tube RT-QPCR Mix)
For the molecular diagnosis of SARS-CoV2
Ready-to-use enzyme mix

Biochrom Product Alternatives


We offer alternatives to Biochrom products!


All alternative products are the same or equivalent in function and for you in almost all cases cheaper than before!



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Proteinase K as an additive

Proteinase K

Add the Bio&SELL Proteinase K as an additive to your DNA / RNA preparation:


  • For the reliable inactivation of nucleases (RNases, DNases)
  • Protects RNA and DNA from degradation
  • Very easy to use
  • As a solution and as lyophilized powder
  • Inactivation of proteinase K by PMSF


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Seminars and Courses

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Stay in 2020 on the cutting edge of science.

Your complete range of advanced training at a glance:

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Due to the current situation, all seminars are suspended for the time being.


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