New medium for HEK 293 cells

HEK-293 Medium (A/S): 
Serum-free &


  • For adherent & suspension cultures
  • Serum-free, no batch variations
  • 100% easy, fast, reliable

Offer of the month July

Polymerases                                   robust, reliable, precise

  • Taq Polymerase                                 for standard applications
    € 49,-/ 500 Units
  • Pfu Polymerase                                    with proof-reading activity
    € 149,-/ 500 Units


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Multimer analysis

vWF agarose

Ideal for the multimer analysis

vWF agarose engl

  • Very high yields in sample recovery
  • No handling of toxic substances
  • Gelling temperature of about 40 °C
  • Very low sulphate content

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Seminars and Courses

m seminare klein

We are pleased to announce that we cooperate with new partners and lecturers.

We offer seminars and courses in molecular biology and cell biology on highest levels.

You will update your knowledge in state of the art laboratories  and a perfect learning environment.

We may even create a course especially for you!


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Quantitative Real Time PCR

Nr.1 in QPCR

Bio&SELL provides first-class products for a fast and effective QPCR:

  • EvaGreen®
  • Taqman® probes
  • One-Step RT QPCR
  • Multiplex QPCR

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BSK-H media

In contrast to our competitors we can deliver

  •  BSK-H media with and without L-Glutamine
  •  exceptional value for money:  
    >150 €/ 500ml

More information about the BSK-H medium for your Borrelia!

borrelia burgdorferi