Low Melt Agarose

vWF Agarose für Multimeren Analyse BioSELL

For: preparative gel electrophoresis and in-gel work.

Additional agaroses: Universal-AgarosevWF AgaroseHigh resolution Agarose

Cell culture products


Alternatives to Biochrom and other cell culture products that are no longer available!

All alternative products are the same or equivalent in function and in almost all cases cheaper than before!

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Biochrom Alternatives

Fast delivery! Media and Sera

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Cell culture supply immediately available:

  • Popular Media like Ham`s F12, DMEM, PRMI, MEM


  • Different types of serum and supplements


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Used equipment

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High quality used laboratory devices:

  • HPLC systems
  • FPLC systems
  • mass spectrometry systems
  • and other laboratory equipment

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Quantitative Real Time PCR

Nr.1 in QPCR

Bio&SELL provides first-class products for a fast and effective QPCR:

  • EvaGreen®
  • Taqman® probes
  • One-Step RT QPCR
  • Multiplex QPCR

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