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Advantages of FBS SUPERIOR stable:

  • Constant Quality
  • Just test it once
  • Attractively priced

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RNA isolation kits on offer

Purest RNA in minutes -10% :
spin column kits

  • DNA free RNA
  • RNA isolation in less than 30 min
  • High RNA quality


Or use our RNA extraction with tri-liquid



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Biochrom Product Alternatives


We offer alternatives to Biochrom products!


All alternative products are the same or equivalent in function and for you in almost all cases cheaper than before!



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PCR optimization made easy


Add the Bio&SELL S-Solution to your PCR:


  • Improved primer annealing
  • Reduces by-products and background products significantly


Particularly recommended for GC rich templates, complex secondary structures (e.g. loops) or for long, frequent repeats.


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Seminars and Courses

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BioColl separating solution

vWF Agarose für Multimeren Analyse BioSELL

 BioColl separating solution


To obtain a highly pure suspension of viable lymphocytes and monocytes.