Ribonuclease H (RNase H): 

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  • degrades specifically the RNA of RNA-DNA hybrids
  • use before second strand cDNA synthesis
  • very favourable price

         100 Units for only € 199,-

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  • Agaroses
  • DNA Marker and Ladders
  • DNA Polymerases                       (Taq, Hot Start Taq, Pfu)



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Multimer analysis

vWF agarose

Ideal for the multimer analysis

vWF agarose engl

  • Very high yields in sample recovery
  • No handling of toxic substances
  • Gelling temperature of about 40 °C
  • Very low sulphate content

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Seminars and Courses

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We offer seminars/courses in molecular - and cell biology on highest levels.

Update your knowledge in state of the art laboratories and a perfect learning environment.

We may even create a course especially for you!

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Quantitative Real Time PCR

Nr.1 in QPCR

Bio&SELL provides first-class products for a fast and effective QPCR:

  • EvaGreen®
  • Taqman® probes
  • One-Step RT QPCR
  • Multiplex QPCR

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BSK-H media

In contrast to our competitors we can deliver

  •  BSK-H media with and without L-Glutamine
  •  exceptional value for money:  
    >150 €/ 500ml

More information about the BSK-H medium for your Borrelia!

borrelia burgdorferi