Custom made media

      Humanes Serum

You need a medium that does not exist in the formulation you need?

Bio&SELL manufactures cell culture media according to your wishes.

Discuss your recipe with us.

We will gladly make you an offer.


Offer of the month October

Polymerases -25%

  • Affordable

  • Reliable

  • Thermostable and therefore durable


Test our polymerases now!


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Biochrom Product Alternatives

Quote Website Biochrom: "...As a result, manufacturing operations at the Biochrom GmbH site in Berlin cease on or before December 31, 2019....."

We offer alternatives to Biochrom products!

All alternative products are the same or equivalent in function and for you in almost all cases cheaper than before!



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Seminars and Courses

  m seminare klein

Plan your seminars/ courses for 2020 ! 

pdfBio&SELL courses 2019

pdfBio&SELL courses 2020 new!!!

We offer seminars/courses in molecular and cell biology on highest levels.

Update your knowledge in state of the art laboratories and a perfect learning environment.

We may even create a course especially for you in-house!

Please call us: 09128 724 32 32

Tri liquid RNA Isolation

Bio&SELL provides classic RNA Isolation

Grafik RNA Tri Flüssig englisch

Similar mode of action known from Trizol® and others..
      • After 1 h undegraded RNA

      • Super pure RNA

      • High yield

      • Really cheap

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