About us

Bio&SELL (e.K.) was established in 2005 by the company founder Uwe Scheiwen in Nuremberg, Germany. Bio&SELL distributes products to meet the specific needs of research laboratories on the life sciences market. Additionally, Bio&SELL is a respected service provider for state-of-the-art workshops and trainings for which the company cooperates closely with carefully selected partner companies and workshop leaders. Bio&SELL combines professional expertise in the field of molecular and cell biology with a wide range of experience in the sales and marketing sector.

What we do

Our goal is in close co-operation with young and dynamic companies of the life sciences industry to place their products on the life sciences market. We focus mainly on innovative and high-quality products with a unique selling proposition or even with patented product features.
Bio&SELL is convinced that Germany as a modern and leading centre of science and research generates brilliant ideas and excellent products which have the potential to be marketed successfully. Therefore, Bio&SELL make it their business to take care of the distribution of their cooperation partners’ products.

Our range of marketing and sales services

Based on our scientific expertise in the field of molecular and cell biology, our extensive and detailed marketing and sales knowledge, and many years of experience in the international biotech and pharma sector we offer our customers the following consulting services and trainings:

  • Telephone acquisition
  • Basic sales training
  • Customer segmentation
  • Interview guides / call flow
  • Distribution activities
  • Strategic planning
  • Conceptional and operational planning

If you have an interesting product to be marketed, we would gladly take care of your distribution activities:

  1. Advertising
  2. Customer Call
  3. Sales/ Distribution
  4. Enquiries