Media, sera and supplements for cell culture

Bio&SELL offers various types of sera and supplements, as well as high quality standard and special media for cell culture.

The Bio&SELL cell culture portfolio includes

  • insect cell culture media as well as stem cell culture media


  • BSK-H Medium for the cultivation of Borrelia spec. as well as media for neuronal cells

and special media including

  • Endothelial Cell Medium
  • Hemangioblast Medium
  • Melanocyte Medium
  • Human Hepatocyte Medium
  • Keratinocyte Medium
  • Embryonic Stem Sell Medium
  • Freezing Medium (serumfree or FCS-containing)

Apart from the classical cell culture media, we offer various serum free culture systems, protein free media and chemically defined media.

Do you require a specific medium? – Take advantage of our custom-made media manufacturing service:

We produce any cell culture medium you need according to your specifications. Just send us your formulation and you will receive your customized medium at a surprisingly low price.

The minimum order amount is 5 to 10 litres, depending on the medium.

The Bio&SELL Sera product portfolio includes:

  • foetal calf serum as well as rabbit serum

and special sera like:

  • Dialyzed serum
  • Activated charcoal/Dextran treated serum
  • Heat inactivated serum
  • Tetracyclin free serum
  • Delipidized serum
  • Gamma irradiated serum
  • Ultra Low lss serum