Bio&SELL SCRIPTUM enzyme mixes for the preparation of cDNA

The Bio&SELL SCRIPTUM one-step kits for the preparation of cDNA can offer an excellent way to produce fast, convenient and very cheap cDNA.

The SCRIPTUM mixes consist of a reverse transcriptase and a Taq DNA polymerase, respectively. Both enzymes are genetically optimized so that:

  • high specificities are achieved
  • high cDNA yields are guaranteed
  • and the transcription efficiency is optimally ensured even with strong secondary structures.

Target sequences can generally be detected in 1 pg to 20 ng poly (A) RNA (mRNA) or 10/50 pg to 1 μg of total RNA. High expressed target sequences may already be successfully amplified from lower amounts of RNA.

The SCRIPTUM High Precise kit includes a Taq DNA polymerase with proofreading activity. The SCRIPTUM Standard Mix contains a "normal" Taq DNA Ploymerase.

After putting together all reaction ingredients the two reactions "reverse transcription" and "PCR" are carried out in just one tube. (Procedure see data sheet). This saves you time and reduces the risc of contamination, especially when the same target sequence is analyzed in many different RNA samples.