High-precision one-step reverse transcription-PCR kit for the preparation of cDNA

SCRIPTUM High Precise is a mix for an extremely precise and also a very quick preparation of cDNA.

The kit produces a highly sensitive and specific reverse transcription followed by PCR comfortably in just one tube.

The SCRIPTUM high precise kit reaches its high specificity by a genetically engineered reverse transcriptase with improved thermal stability. Additionally the kit includes a genetically produced Taq DNA polymerase with proof reading activity. The enzyme works 2x as fast as a normal Taq polymerase.

The kit reaches a 50-fold higher accuracy and is twice as fast as a conventional elongation cDNA Kit.

The SCRIPTUM High Precise Kit contains all the necessary reagents for RT-PCR (reverse transcription followed by PCR) except template and primer.

The handling in just one reaction tube and the few pipetting steps make the kit extremely comfortable and provides very fast excellent results.

ProductArticle No.Quantity
SCRIPTUM High precise BS.50.020 50 reactions in 20 μl
BS.50.100 250 reactions in 20 μl
BS.50.500 1250 reactions in 20 μl