Bio&SELL One-Step RevTrans-qRT-PCR Kits for your convenience:

The perfect combination of reverse transcription and subsequent quantitative real time PCR in the very same tube!

Bio&SELL One-Step RevTrans-qRT-PCR Kits contain a reliable Reverse Transcriptase with enhanced thermal stability resulting in optimal performance in creating cDNA from RNA templates. You get best results even with highly structured and long cDNA fragments . Further, the kit provides a Hot Start Taq-Polymerase and all necessary reagents for quantitative Real Time PCR (except template and primers). After the creation of cDNA, the Hot Start Polymerase is activated and the quantitative real time PCR starts – without further pipetting steps.

The Bio&SELL One-Step RevTrans-qRT-PCR Kits are available for EvaGreen(R) -based detection (Rox or noRox) or labeled probe-based detection (Rox or noRox).

Choose the suitable Kit for your application and benefit from the reduced contamination risk and time saving!