"Reverse transcription-PCR kit" for first strand cDNA synthesis

The SCRIPTUM FIRST cDNA synthesis kit includes all reagents needed for the first strand cDNA synthesis, and combines ease of use with high flexibility.

A reverse transcriptase in premium quality, ultra-pure dNTPs and an optimized reaction buffer ensure superior results with highest reproducibility. The kit is optimized for high efficiency for a wide range of primer-template combinations. The SCRIPTUM FIRST reverse transcriptase is a recombinantly produced version of the M-MLV reverse transcriptase (M-MLV RT), wherein the eliminated RNase H activity and the thermal stability was improved.


Synthesis of highly structured and long cDNA fragments, extremely sensitive and highly specific RT PCR, DNA labeling. The kit contains both so-called random hexamer primers and oligo (dT) 20 primer. Optionally, gene-specific primers can be used. Here, however, we recommand using the "Scriptum high precision " as an alternative cDNA synthesis kit ".

ProductArticle No.Quantity
SCRIPTUM First strand BS.48.020 20 reactions in 20 μl
BS.48.100 100 reactions in 20 μl
BS.48.500 500 reactions in 20 μl