Are you in need of a cell culture medium that does not (yet) exist?

Bio&SELL manufactures cell culture media according to your wishes!

Send us your formulation and we will create your exclusive cell culture medium exactly matching your specification.

  • Delivery time starting from 4 weeks, depending on the formulation and the ordered quantity
  • The minimum order quantity depends on the formulation: 10 – 20x 500 ml
  • Prices on request

Please do not hesitate to ask for your custom made medium. Send us your formulation via email (including all components with concentrations) and we will make an individual offer for you: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Classical media with standard formulations are sometimes of no use for special applications.

Therefore we offer:

  • Modification of classical media
  • Custom-made media

Get an impression of what is possible:

Media free of specific components

Glucose free media (customer specific addition of glucose)
Glutamin- and/or Glutamate free media (CNS)
Calcium free media
Methionine- and/or Phosphate free media(Labelling)

Alternative media

Glucose replaced by Galaktose (alternative energy source)
Alternative buffer systems (HEPES, MOPS, Phosphate)
normal amino acids replaced by heavy Isotope 13C / 15N

Additional supplements

Vitamin- amino acid- micronutrients mixes
Fatty acids, lipids
Transferrin, Insulin, hormones, growthfactors
Heparin, Dextran
stable Glutamin

And many more according to your requirements.