fetal calf sera

Bio&SELL offers fetal calf sera of various origins and specifications. As soon as you have completed the FCS lot test in your lab, we stock your tested lot free of charge for up to two years and send you the desired amount on demand.

Testing conditions for sera:

  • Please specify the amount of FCS serum you would like to order
  • We offer 50 ml test samples of each FCS lot for your individual evaluation in your application
  • We reserve the desired amount of FCS for up to six weeks
  • After completing your tests within six weeks, you can decide whether you want to buy this lot or try another lot.
  • Upon agreement on the ordered amount and the terms of shipment, we store your lot for up to two years
  • The payments for the complete ordered lot is payable on receipt of the first shipment (only foreign countries, except Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

The price for FCS is influenced by the current market price – but will be constant during the two-year storage.