Human (blood) platelet lysate is prepared from pooled platelet concentrate from healthy donors from certified EU donor institutions. Because it is rich in platelet-derived growth factors and cytokines, it is an ideal xeno-free serum replacement.
Human platelet lysate promotes the expansion of human adherent and non-adherent primary cells and cell lines, including primary mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs).
It contains no anticoagulants, heparin must be added before use.

Advantages of Human Platelet Lysate versus FBS:

  • No lot to lot variations
  • Xeno-free, therefore no unwanted animal molecules, very low safety risk
  • No ethical concerns
  • From certified EU suppliers
  • Optimal for many different cell types and cell lines
  • Rich in growth factors for a better cell proliferation rate


Order No.Quantity
FBS.PL.020 20 ml
FBS.PL.100 100 ml


Protocol for the human platelet lysate

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