Albumins are added as a protein supplement in tissue cultures. They stabilize the cell membrane and bind possible toxic trace elements. In addition, BSA is often used in immunology to calibrate test procedures, to stabilize proteins or as a blocking reagent in immunological detection procedures (e.g. Western blots).

Advantages of the Bio&SELL albumins:

  • Origin in the USA
  • Maximum purity > 99%
  • High batch constancy
  • Strict quality control of raw materials
  • Lower BSE / TSE risk
  • Complete documentation
  • Bio&SELL offers special albumins for every application


Background information on albumins:

Albumins are binding and transport proteins in the bloodstream and fulfill very different functions:

  • Preservation of oncotic pressure
  • Competitive binding of Ca2+ ions
  • Prevention of photodegradation of folic acid
  • Various transport functions (transport of fat-soluble hormones, transport of fatty acids and unconjugated bilirubin)


Human Serum Albumin (HSA)/ Bovine Serum Albumine (BSA)

HSA is is the main protein component in human blood. BSA is serum albumin which is obtained from cows. It has very similar properties to the HSA but is a little less stable.

Depending on the extraction process, the albumins contain a different quality and quantity of metabolic products, enzymes, peptides, fatty acids, vitamins etc. and are especially suitable for different areas of application.

Bio&SELL Albumins:


  • Fraction V (50g, 100g, 500g)
  • Protease free (100g, 500g)
  • Low Endotoxin (50g)
  • Fatty acid free (50g)
  • 30 % Solution, Low salt (100ml, 500ml)
  • 30 % Solution, High salt (100ml, 500ml)
  • 30 % Solution, High polymer (100ml, 500ml)
  • 30 % Solution, Low salt, Preservative free, Protease free (100ml, 500ml)


  • Fraction V, lyophilized powder (25g, 50g)
  • Fraction V, Fatty acid free, lyophilized powder (50g, 100g)
  • 20% Solution (20ml, 100ml, 500ml)