Humanes Serum

Advantages of the FBS SUPERIOR stable:
  • Low endotoxin content
  • Constant quality
  • Pre-tested and standardized
  • High security
  • No batch reservation necessary, as the fluctuation range of the lots is only 10%
  • Only test once
This product is equivalent to the SUPERIOR from Biochrom.
It is a so-called "standardized serum".
Pretested on various cell lines, i.a. Proliferation. Here, three deviations in the number of cells, proliferation time, plating efficiency and cloning efficiency may deviate by 10%.
Test this product once and you can assume that due to the marginal deviation, the next lot works just as well.
All equivalent batches are characterized by a very low endotoxin content.
We would be happy to make you an individual offer.

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