Human Serum engl

Benefits of human serum:
  • Constant quality
  • High safety, guaranteed free of syphilis, HbsAg, HIV-1 / HIV-2,
    anti-HCV, HIV-1 Ag and HIV-1 NAT
  • Production in Germany

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Filtered human serum for cell culture

The Bio&SELL Human Serum derives exclusively from healthy blood donors from certified donor institutes in Europe. Each individual batch is checked, documented and examined for viral infections. This gives our customers maximum security and transparency. Bio&SELL offers both pooled and serum from single donors.


Prices for human sera:

Product Order No.      Quantity    
 Human Serum
 HUOTC.SE.0100 100 ml
 HUOTC.SE.0500 500 ml
 Human Serum
 off-the-clot, Type AB male
 OTCAB.SE.0100 100 ml

 Human Serum RG-F
 (rich in growth factors)

HRGF.SE.0100 100 ml
HRGF.SE.0500 500 ml
 Human Serum HU.SE.0100 100 ml
HU.SE.0500 500 ml
 Human Serum AB male  HUAB.SE.0100 100 ml
 HUAB.SE.0500 500 ml


Human Serum - Quality Research Products:

Off-the-clot Serum - without Anticoagulants, naturally clotted

Obtained from human whole blood collected without anti-coagulants. The coagulation occurs naturally at room temperature. The blood cake is then removed and the serum purified by depths and membrane filter. Available pooled or from single donors (for metabolic studies).

Human Serum RG-F (rich in growth factors) - contains many growth factors

Contains more human growth factors than off-the-clot serum and is thus recommended for tissue engineering and cell differentiation studies.

Human Serum - filtered Serum

Calcium chloride is added to the human plasma for coagulation. Centrifugation removes the cellular and solid components. Subsequently, the serum is washed, concentrated and finally filtered.


Human Serum AB male - guaranteed no anti-A and anti-B antibodies

This serum contains only plasma from donors of blood group AB and is thus free of anti-A and anti-B antibodies. This serum is especially recommended for immunological and hematopoietic studies.



What ist the composition of the human serum (definition)?

The human serum contains all components of the blood plasma (except the coagulation factors) such as: proteins, electrolytes, hormones and nutrients.


What are the advantages of human serum over FBS?

  • Xeno-free
  • Human cells grow under as natural conditions as possible in the in vitro cell culture


What is Human Serum?

Human serum is obtained from human blood plasma. Blood serum is the aqueous part of the plasma which does not clot and remains after the accomplished blood coagulation as yellowish liquid. More Information


Applications of Human Serum?

Cell therapy, immunotherapy research, tissue engineering etc.


In which concentration should Human Serum be used?

We recommend a concentration of between 5% and 20% within the cell culture for our human sera.


How are the cells adapted to human serum?

We recommend a gradual adaptation. Cultivate the cells within the first 4-6 days with a 10% mixture of FBS and human serum (5% human serum and 5% FBS). Afterwards you can cultivate the cells with 5-20% human serum.