Bio&SELL 5x Multiplex QPCR Mixes for probe-based QRT-PCR (ROX or No ROX) are particularly optimized for multiplex quantitative PCR and contain all necessary components for quantitative PCR except template DNA, primer and probe.

Bio&SELL 5x Multiplex QPCR Mix Rox contains optimized components, in particular Multiplex relevant buffer and Bio&SELL Hot Start Taq DNA polymerase in a proprietary buffer system that allows the detection of up to 5-10 targets.


ProductArticle No.Amount
5x Multiplex QPCR Mix (ROX) BS76.515.0200 200µl = 50 reactions in 20 µl reaction volume
BS76.515.1000 1000µl = 250 reaktions in 20 µl reaction volume
BS76.515.5000 5000µl = 1250 reaktions in 20 μl reaction volume


  • Detection and quantification of DNA and up to 10 cDNA targets
  • Profiling of gene expression
  • Microbial Detection
  • Determination of viral loads
  • Specific suitability for multiplex PCR reactions

Cycler and Probe Compatibility

Bio&SELL 5x QPCR Mix (ROX) is compatible with any probe system as well as real-time cyclers that require a high ROX concentration
e.g. ABI PRISM ® 7000, 7300, 7700, 7900 and 7900HT (including Fast-Block).

Recommended pipetting protocol (for probe-based kits)

ComponentVolumefinal concentration
5x Multiplex QPCR Mix 4 µl 1 x
Primer 1 x µl 0,2 - 0,4 µM
Primer 2 x µl 0,2 - 0,4 µM
Sonde x µl 0,1 – 0,25 µM
Template-DNA x µl 1 – 50 ng
Water fill up to 20 µl  

With internal reference dye ROX.
ROX is a passive internal reference dye used to normalize the fluorescent reporter signal during QPCR is on. The final concentration of ROX dye in the reaction mixture 500 nM.



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