Bio&SELL RNA Minikit Tri-Liquid is a reagent for the efficient isolation of total RNA from different starting materials (tissues, cells, bacteria, plants, etc.) in varying amounts. The extraction method is based on a particularly time-saving One-step Liquid-Phase Separation.

Bio&SELL RNA Minikit Tri-Liquid contains a mixture of phenol and guanidine isothiocyanate in a monophasic solution. After the addition of chloroform, followed by centrifugation, the homogenate separates into three phases, a colored lower organic phase, a whitish interphase and an upper colorless aqueous phase. The RNA is located in the upper aqueous phase. From this aqueous phase, the RNA is precipitated by the addition of alcohol.

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The RNA- Extraction with Bio&SELL RNA Minikit Tri-Liquid can be performed in about 1 hour. The RNA extracted here is not degraded and in high quality condition. It can be used for a variety of downstream applications, such as Northern analysis, cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR reactions, Dot Blot hybridizations, poly (A) + selection, in vitro translation, cloning and RNase assays.

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Bio&SELL RNA Minikit Tri-Liquid 56.100.0100 1 x 100ml 114,90 €
56.100.0100 3 x 100ml 329,90 €
56.100.0100 5 x 100ml 489,90 €


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RNA Extraction with RNA Tri-Liquid:

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