DNA purification from PCR- , sequencing approaches and agarose gels

DNA purification from PCR reactions, Agarose gels and sequencing reactions


DNA purification from PCR reactions and Agarose gels: The Double-Pure Combi Kit from Bio & SELL: One kit = two applications = four options.

With the Double-Pure Combi Kit you can isolate DNA from both agarose gels and PCR reactions. For each application, there is a protocol available:

  • A standard protocol
  • A protocol with the minimum volume for concentration of the purified DNA fragment

All DNA purification protocols are simple and fast.

Another tip:
For more gentle elution of DNA fragments from agarose gels, we recommend the LowMelt-Agarose from Bio&SELL


DNA purification from sequencing reactions


The Dye-Removal kit from Bio&SELL offers a quick and safe preparation of your sequencing reaction for analysis. A few steps and short incubation times allow for quick, reliable and pure sequencing reactions.