Taq DNA Polymerasen

The Bio&SELL polymerases - a strong team of professionals!

Each polymerase from Bio&SELL has it`s particular strengths


  • The Bio&SELL Taq-DNA- Polymerase
    the solid all-rounder for every situation - Economical with great adaptability and optimizing potential
  • The Bio&SELL Hot-Start Taq-DNA-Polymerase
    the reliable - with easy sample preparation when the going gets tough and high-throughput
  • The Bio&SELL Pfu-DNA- Polymerase
    exact - when it really matters!
  • The Bio&SELL SPEED-y polymerase
    the fastest - for fast PCR applications
  • The Bio&SELL Thermo-Taq polymerase
    stress-free pipetting without ice
  • The Bio&SELL S-Dis polymerases
    the Innovative - high thermal stability, strong strand displacement activity, very high PCR efficiency and sensitivity


Many polymerases can also be ordered as "ready-to-use" PCR mixes!


All Bio&SELL DNA-polymerases are characterized by reliability and excellent properties for PCR - from evaluation to optimization and PCR.

Both the Taq-DNA-polymerase and the Hot-Start Taq-DNA-polymerase are supplied with various buffers, separate MgCl2 solution and an S-solution for background reduction.

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Coming soon

  • Long Proof polymerases
  • In-Blood polymerases
  • SNPA polymerases


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