m universal agarose2


High quality Agarose for gel electrophoresis:

  • Standard and/ or Universal agarose separation range 50 -50 000 bp in gel electrophoresis
  • Special agarose "Low Melt agarose" for in-gel work / in-gel techniques in 80 – 25.000 bp
  • Special agarose "High-resolution agarose" especially for the separation of nucleic acids in the range of 20 to 800bp base pairs
  • vWF agarose for multimer analysis


The Bio&SELL agaroses are produced in small quantities and quality controls are performed frequently. This leads to a very high batch consistency of the Bio&SELL agarose.

Our agarose must pass strict quality controls which test gel strength, gelling temperature, Electroendosmosis levels, sulphate content and water content.
Every batch of our Standard Agarose or Low Melt Agarose cleared for shipment is free of any detectable DNA-binding-, RNAse- or DNAse - activity.

Because we only produce in small amounts, you will be sure to receive our Universal-Agarose very fresh. Our Universal Agarose and Low-Melt Agarose have a shelf live of 5 years at a consistently high quality.