5x PCR Mastermixe

Bio&SELL PCR Master Mix – as convenient as it gets


Our two most successful polymerases are now available in convenient, ready-to-use Master Mixes.

  • Bio&SELL Taq polymerase
    in 5x PCR Master Mix and 5x PCR Master Mix "ready-to-load"

  • Bio&SELL Hot-Start Taq polymerase
    in 10x Hotstart PCR Master Mix

The master mixes of Bio&SELL contain the Bio&SELL Taq Polymerase or Bio&SELL Hot-Start Taq Polymerase, reaction buffer, MgCl2 and dNTPs at optimal concentrations.

You only need the template, primers and water - that's it.


The advantages

High reproducibility
- you will always have the same process

Time advantage
- you are faster in preparing your PCR reactions

Economic advantage
- you save plastic material due to fewer pipetting steps

Scientific advantages
- you increase the reproducibility of your results and reduce the contamination risk

All Bio&SELL PCR Master Mixes are delivered with detailed PCR protocol suggestions.


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