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Benefits of GreenGel DNA/RNA Stain as an alternative to ethidium bromide:

  • more comfortable
  • sensitive
  • secure
  • environmentally friendly



Article No.Quantity
BS30.200.0100 100 µl ( appox. 30 mini gels)
BS30.200.0500 500 µl (approx. 150 mini gels)
BS30.200.1000 1000 µl (approx. 300 mini gels)


RedGel or GreenGel


If you have a blue light table order the GreenGel Stain, if you have a "normal" UV table (UV light of wavelength 312 - 365 nm) order the RedGel Stain.

** The non-carcinogenicity of GreenGel DNA / RNA Stain was demonstrated in the Ames test (of course, the competitor materials described in the AMES-pdf are also available from Bio&SELL)


Informations about the GreenGel DNA/RNA stain

The Bio&SELL GreenGel DNA/RNA Stain is suitable for the (simultaneous!) staining of DNA (double- and single-stranded) as well as RNA and can be used in agarose gels as well as in polyacrylamide gels. The sensitivity is thereby up to 4 x higher compared to ethidium bromide, so that amounts from approx. 0.1 ng DNA can be detected. The staining solution is added directly into the gel and into the running buffer, destaining after electrophoresis is omitted; this saves valuable time. The stimulation of the Bio&SELL GreenGel DNA/RNA Stain is performed with blue light (wavelength 470 - 490 nm), detection with SYBR® Green filters. A special feature is the two emission peaks of the dye: DNA bands appear green, RNA bands red.


Protocol for the GreenGel dye

pdfData sheet