Kit for the isolation of DNA from canned and high processed food or other products for subsequent detection of DNA.

Bio&SELL Food DNA Extraction Kit is designed for quick (30 min after cell lysis) preparation of pure DNA.

The kit contains spin columns, buffers and reagents necessary for cell lysis, DNA binding, washing and elution of DNA into small volume. Each kit contains a manual with detailed protocols of DNA extraction and purification from whole blood, cells and food.

Samples to isolate genomic DNA:

  • Blood, fresh or frozen blood samples, with or without anti-coagulating agents (e.g. EDTA, heparin, citrate)
  • plasma
  • other body liquid
  • or up to 107 cells (grown in suspension or adherent).

Food samples (processed, preserved) for isolating genomic DNA for species detection or for isolating of genomic DNA from bacteria (pathogen diagnostic):

  • milk
  • milk products
  • sausages
  • salami
  • meat
  • cheese 

DNA is suitable for downstream applications including PCR, hybridization, restriction analysis, cloning and other. The quality of DNA according to spectrophotometry holds the standard for pure DNA solutions. The A260/A280 ratio of DNA extracted with the Food DNA Extraction Kit shows values between 1.7 and 2.0.


ProductArticle No.PurificationsPrice in EURO
Bio&SELL Food Kit BS.44.311.0010 10  49.90 €
BS.44.311.0050 50  189.90 €
BS.44.311.0100 100  349.90 €


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