The Bio&SELL Low Melt Agarose (or low melting point Agarose) is an agarose with a relatively low melting point, ideal for the separation of fragments 80-25000 bp. The melting point is guaranteed <66 ° C lower than that of the Universal Agarose.

This makes the Bio&SELL Low Melt Agarose excellent for preparative gel electrophoresis. The excised piece of gel and the desired DNA fragment can be melted at a lower temperature, allowing the DNA to be be won more gently.
For isolation of DNA fragments, we recommend the Bio&SELL Double Pure Combi Kit.
Like all our agaroses, each batch of Bio & SELL Low Melting Point Agarose must pass strict quality controls which test the following:

  • gel strength (1.0%):> 200 g/cm2
  • gelling temperature (1.5%): <31 ° C
  • melting temperature (1.5%): <66 ° C
  • electroendosmosis (-mr): 0.05 to 0.14
  • sulfate content: <0.10%
  • Water content: <10.0%
  • DNA binding: not detectable
  • DNase and RNase activity: not detectable



ProductArticle No.Quantity
Low Melt Agarose BS.20.47.025. 1 x 25g
BS.20.47.100. 1 x 100g
BS.20.47.250. 1 x 250g


Preparation of a standard agarose gel:
For 100 ml of a 1% agarose gel, 1 g of agarose is prepared in 100 ml of electrophoresis buffer. After dissolving the agarose by heating and a cooling phase, you can pour the gel.