PCR Troubleshooting and Optimization - easily with S-Solution

The S-Solution prevents the rapid re-annealing of the template DNA with GC-rich regions. This allows the primers to anneal more accurately and the PCR yields are larger and in higher quality.

In the Dirt-Preparation as an additive S-Solution reduces the background and improves the analytical quality significantly.

Article No.QuantityPrice in EURO
BS80.0200 200µl 9.90 €
BS80.1000 1000µl 39.90 €

Application - PCR Troubleshooting?

It's easy with the S-solution of Bio&SELL - the results of PCR templates with high GC-content can be significantly improved by the addition of the S-solution. Even with unwanted by-products in the PCR reaction, the S-solution contributes to background minimization.



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