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Advantages of the BSK-H Medium:
  • Very high amount of proteins, peptides, nukleosides and vitamines
  • Highest quality
  • Constant cell growth batch by batch

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Bio&SELL BSK-H Medium is recommended by DMSZ




BSK-H Borelia Growthmedium with L-Glu
with L-Glutamin, shelf live: 12 months.

BS 2.12ML.500 1 x 500ml
BSK-H Borelia Growthmedium without L-Glu
without L-Glutamin, shelf live: 18 months
BS 2.12OL.500 1 x 500ml

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The Bio&SELL BSK-H medium is a high quality nutrient liquid for the reliable cultivation of Borrelia spec.


Supplementation with rabbit serum

Important: The use of BSK-H medium, which is already supplemented with rabbit serum is not recommended. Since the rabbit serum lot is unknown to the researcher, the scientist has no possibility to take influence in case of growth difficulties. It is not possible to reproduce experiments with two different lots of serum. Therefore, we do not offer this kind of formulation.

Rabbit serum can be purchased from Bio&SELL.


BSK-H medium is a quite complex formulation with an extraordinary high content of proteins and peptides. It is especially rich in nucleosides and glucose as an energy source. Furthermore, it contains a high concentration of vitamins. The medium contains N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine which is an essential element of the bacterial peptidoglycan.

Only selected reagents of the highest quality are used for the production of BSK-H medium. A special galenic as well as a gentle and controlled process guarantee a product of the topmost quality with reliable lot to lot constancy, stability, purity and reliable cell growth. A sufficient high amount of HEPES guarantees a stable buffer capacity for a long time.

The ready-to-use medium has to be supplemented with 3 - 8% rabbit serum prior to inoculation.