Bio&SELL CHO Medium is a serum- and protein-free, ready-to-use medium for an optimized growth of CHO cells (chinese hamster ovary) in suspension culture.

ProductOrder No.Quantity
 CHO Medium serum-free BS 22.525.0100 100 ml
  BS 22.525.0500 500 ml

CHO cells can usually be directly transferred from the serum containing adherent culture in a protein-free suspension culture.
It takes about 2 weeks, until a stable suspension culture is developed.

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Bio&SELL Protein-free "ready-to-use" CHO Medium:

  • Low contamination risk

  • Simple and inexpensive purification of the final products

  • High cell yield with excellent production rates of recombinant proteins

  • Due to the optimized composition of the medium, the cells hardly tend to aggregate and form a so called „single-cell suspension“


Data sheet


  • Spinner cultures

  • Roller bottles

  • Tissue culture flasks

  • Bioreactors


CHO cells are often used for the production of recombinant proteins for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.

Bio&SELL CHO Medium consists of a balanced mixture of salts, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, hormones and is enriched with a low concentration of selected herbal hydrolysates for an optimized growth of CHO cells in suspension culture. The Bio&SELL CHO Medium is free of animal or human components and can therefore be used in sensitive production areas where safety and legal requirements must be complied (diagnostic or therapeutic use).