IZ Medium


The Bio&SELL IC medium is an optimized serum-free medium for the effective cultivation and propagation of human immune cells in vitro - ready-to-use! 

"ready-to-use" means for you:

    • No expensive supplementation needed (with serum)
    • No complex serum tests
    • No batch to batch variations
    • Reduced risk of contamination
    • Time saving
    • Reliable and reproducible results

Serum free „ready-to-use“ medium for the in vitro cultivation and expansion of lymphocytes
The medium is specially optimized for the proliferation of T-cells, CIK (cytokine activated killer) cells, LAK (lymphokine activated killer) cells, NK (natural killer) cells in suspension cultures without the addition of serum (bovine serum or human serum). The RPMI 1640 and the DMEM-F12 medium, which was enriched by the addition of special salts, trace elements, albumin, cholesterol, lipids and vitamins, form the basis for the Bio&SELL IC medium.

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ProductArticle No.Quantity
 IC-Medium  BS.34.1000IZ 1000 ml



  • Proliferation of T-cells from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC)/ whole blood after stimulation
  • Proliferation of NK, LAK and CIK cells after stimulation
  • Long-term cultivation of immortilized T-cells

The IC medium contains no growth factors
(such as recombinant cytokines) for cell differentiation, or the enrichment of T cells from whole blood samples. These can thus be added if necessary according to the individual requirements of the user.

Bio&SELL customer-specific medium:
We can produce for you any medium, if you send us the corresponding formulation! For example, without phenol red, lower glucose concentration, etc.

Cell culture of immune cells 

Cells of the peripheral blood are blocked in the G0 phase and must be stimulated with mitogens (such as plant lectins, eg phytohemaggluthinin PHA; or antibodies such as anti-CD3) in order to be cultivated for some time in cell culture.

Tips for the stimulation of T cells: 

  • T cell density of 1x105/ ml
  • Addition of PHA according to the manufacturer (1-5μg/ ml)
  • Incubation time is between 48-72 h (depending on type and origin of lymphocytes and their use)
  • Addition of fresh IC medium and further stimulation of the T cells is necessary to continue the culture

Please note: the proliferation rate of primary lymphocytes from whole blood is limited.


Tips for the stimulation/ cultivation of CIK

CIK are enriched by adding IFN-γ, mAb anti-CD3 (OKT3) and IL-2 to isolated PBMCs (peripheral blood mononuclear cells). After 2-3 weeks in vitro culture, their concentration is increased 1000-fold.

Application notes:

Storage: at 2-8 ° C in the dark
Stability: 10 months from production date

Store IC medium enriched with supplement/ growth factors in the dark at 2-8 ° C and avoid frequent thawing and freezing, protect from light.

For research only!